Skylar & Fye

The Motherland Pendant African Necklace


Pendants being the classic and antique fashion piece give the richest and sets up the most elegant look. They have been in the jewelry items for decades and dolled up with modern stones and styles as. As per customer demand and care we have introduced a tremendous variety of pendants that can go with your everyday look.

Furthermore, we have added customized pendants of flags and areas showing love to your motherland. We have tried to keep the prices as low and as reasonable as possible but your overall charges will depend on which material, stones and jewelry type you choose.


  • Motherland pendants as the name indicates are available in every country flag and map depicting patriotism. While these are also available with the name of any state from United States.
  • Clasp at the end is very flexible and durable with adjustable hooking so you can adjust the length in accordant to your outfit style.
  • As per easiness, we have done our best to make our pendants as light as possible from 2g to 5g but it may vary with our choice of stone, chain and design.
  • Nickel and Cadmium free material makes our product durable and reliable for every day and season in a variety of shades including silver, gold, rose gold etc

Pendants are that item that suits every age group and can be the perfect gift given as a token of love to your mother on Mother’s Day, to your wife on the anniversary and family friends on any festivities. Explore our astonishing variety of pendants in so many styles, designs and shades now