Skylar & Faye



Make your jewellery meaningful and let it depict your personality. The personalized handwriting style name necklace lets you wear a glamourous handwriting font elegantly with a necklace. This necklace shows a trendy message of self-importance to the world. Gift this unique style necklace to someone you want to make happy. It makes a person feel special by knowing how much that person is important to you. It looks stylish both with eastern as well as western outfits. Available in 3 attractive colours, gold, rose gold and silver necklace can match all your formal or informal dressing and you can wear them regularly or occasionally. Let us have a look on other extra-ordinary features of personalized handwriting style name necklace.


  • The beautiful and smooth necklace is made of quality material. Stainless steel has amazing features of being durable, temperature-resistant, eco-friendly, rust-resistant and many more. You can never doubt the quality.
  • 18k gold plating, 18k silver plating or rose gold plating makes the handwriting name necklace shine brighter. The brightness will last longer and there is no chance that the chain turns green.
  • If your skin is sensitive and you are fond of wearing stylish jewellery but it doesn’t suit your skin, then no need to worry anymore. The handwritten name necklace is made from chemical-free materials and is suitable for all skin types.
  • The chain has an adjustable length, so fashion it with your style.
  • The elegant packaging keeps it safe and makes it best to gift someone.

Customize your jewellery with your name and wear something eccentric yet stylish. You can let us know your requirement and we will make it perfect for you. Don't miss out on such an amazing product at such an affordable price.