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Are you looking for anything special to gift it to your loved one? A gift that they will always remember. Customized for your loved one we present you the heart crystal initial necklace. The necklace might be a gift for your wife, your daughter or your mother to express your love for them. It is a versatile product so, you could wear this crystal fine jewelry neck-piece to an evening event with an elegant dress or wear it to work with your formal attire.


  • It is a high-quality pendant that is made of an alloy and then coated with rose gold to enhance its shine and endurance. The lustrous touch gives it a fancy look.
  • The heart crystal necklace is fit to wear with any dress usually comes with a long chain of suitable length. Also, you can adjust the length that means, it can be worn by anyone.
  • The pedant is enclosed in good packaging so you don't have to look for a gift bag or box to place it in.
  • The heart crystal necklace you want inside the heart-shaped pendent is 18k gold plated over premium quality stainless steel so that the charm will not easily fade away or rust easily.
  • The necklace can be customized just according to your need. Let us know if you have any special requirement.
  • The price of the pendant is extremely over whelming for its look because it is entirely budget-friendly but a charm that will always keep the love alive.

Looking at the quality of the heart crystal necklace it is overall an excellent personalized gift just at the right price for your loved one without the Hassel to go for something more expensive but not so special. Well, crystals are a woman's best friend so what would be a better gift than having to wear them around with every outfit holding onto a special memory.

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