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Always looking trendy is quite a task so here is the Double gold-plated name necklace which has an incredible 3D design which tops all the trends in the jeweler market. The necklace is itself very beautiful and it is hard to take off your eyes from something so attractive and shiny. It is a treat for your special one or you can buy one for yourself as an addition to your accessories.


  • The shine of the necklace is from coating the personalized name with 18K gold plating of the latest technology. The necklace will never get black if used with care.
  • The unique design is not easy to find but here you can just get it at an excellent price without having to spend on expensive gifts that become worthless after a time but this gift does not easily get worn out because of the double-coated gold.
  • The necklace is safe to wear every day because of its hypoallergenic property it does not include any kind of allergen that can irritate your skin or cause any kind of allergy around your neck area.
  • This necklace can be styled with any outfit of your choice because it can make any boring look exciting with a hint of sparkle.

So, if you are looking for anything that goes with all your outfits and cut down the hassle of searching through your jewelry box every day to find a pendant that goes with your dress you can get it right away not only that but it is also a perfect gift for your mother, daughter and sisters and also anyone who holds a special place in your heart. Whether you put your name, their name, an inside joke or a pet's name, it's sure to feel like an extra special and truly personal present.

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