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Looking for an anklet that goes along with all your trendy summer looks so here is the hexagon initial anklet that is just right to style with all your shoes and any occasion be it a formal or a casual event. You can also wear this hexagon initial anklet to your work without looking a bit extra than usual. The specialty of this hexagon letter anklet is that on the centre piece any initial can be engraved to give it a personalized look, it can also be used as a gift for a loved one to show how much they mean to you and mark their special day with this personalized hexagon initial anklet.


  • The design of the gold hexagon initial anklet is beautiful and delicate which is fit for women of every age; you can gift it to your mother, sister, wife or your daughter to make her feel special.
  • The gift is amazing yet very affordable for its price and quality.
  • The hexagon initial anklet is polished with 18K gold to enhance its shine and beauty and make it a statement.
  • The polish does not get worn out easily and protects the gold hexagon initial anklet from any kind of corrosion or rust.
  • For its feasibility and comfort, the hexagon initial anklet is nickel and lead-free so it is hypoallergenic.
  • The design is also unisex can be worn by both men and women to remind them of their special bond with a loved one.
  • The love you share can be expressed through this gift, it comes with a nice packaging which enhances the look of the anklet making it look very expensive and cutting down on the cost of finding a perfect box to keep the hexagon letter anklet.

Choose your favourite hexagon initial anklet and get your anklet customized. We are ready to communicate and help you out about your queries. Don’t wait and order now for making your look more fashionable.

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